Job training courses in Rosignano Marittimo


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Administration and accounting (creation of pay slips)

Prisma Formazione also provides for work training in Rosignano Marittimo.
The course involves the training of a professional who prepares and ensures the documentation required by the rules and laws governing the employment relationship, setting up and managing the activities related to pay, the production of documentation on tax, insurance and social security.
Job opportunities:
Students will work as employees in the field of personnel offices of medium and large companies, trade associations, in professional employment consulting firms. In larger companies, with a large number of employees, there is a special personnel accounting office, composed of several employees and directed by a coordinator. In small companies the function can be carried out by a single figure in the administrative sector who deals with both personnel accounting and other aspects of administration, or, in companies with few employees.
Elements of general accounting - Deadlines and obligations
Realization of payroll
Sources of labour law, types of contracts.
75 hours of which 25 hours of internship.
The cost includes:
files of all subjects, final exam, insurance.

Pizza makers course

Students will learn:
  • The different types of flour - the choice of flour depending on the dough and then the final product you intend to produce
  • Yeasts - leavening
  • ingredients, tools and equipment
  • doughs preparation.
  • the filling
  • how to bake a pizza
  • safety: regulations, labelling and packaging
  • (HACCP).
The course lasts 50 hours.
The cost includes:
Subjects’ files, hat and apron, final exam, insurance.