Security courses in Rosignano Marittimo


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Security training in accordance with legislative decree 81/08

Training your staff is not only a legal obligation, it is a fundamental tool to be aware of the risks that work generates and consequently know the best behaviour to take.
Prisma Formazione promotes various safety courses in Rosignano Marittimo in accordance with Legislative Decree no. 81/08:
  • Confined spaces
  • Courses for managers and supervisors
  • Five-yearly refresher courses (under the new state agreement - regions of 26/01/2012)
  • Firefighting (low to medium to high risk)
  • First aid (companies group A, B and C)
Group B and C duration: 12 hours
Group A duration: 16 hours

  • Worker training (low - medium - high risk)
  • Course dpi 3 cat
  • Machine qualification courses.

Food processors- HACCP- self-control plans training courses

  • Complex Food Activities Officer (12 hours)
  • Owner and Head of Complex Food Activities (16 hours)
  • HACCP refresh training courses 4/8 hours (every 5 years)
  • Celiac disease courses: 8 hours.

Compulsory training for food and drink’s trade and administration and drink (ex rec)

In order to sell and supply food and beverages (bakeries, restaurants, pizzerias, bars, etc.) it is necessary to have successfully attended a training course. With the entry into force of DGR Tuscany n. 984 of 12/11/2012 from 20 November 2012 to start these activities you must have attended the following course.
Duration: 90 hours

Training plans for apprenticeships

Prisma Formazione Professionale draws up Individual Training Plans for apprentices and provides company tutor training:
  • basic training
  • transversal training
  • technical training
Do not hesitate to contact the company for more information about the course for apprentices, an operator will meet all your requests.

Training courses for Indoor and outdoor entertainment control services

Training course recognized for the purpose of enrolment in the Prefectural List pursuant to Ministerial Decree 06/10/2009 updated by Decree of the Minister of the Interior of 30 June 2011.
Description of the profile:
This training course is a prerequisite for the inclusion in the list referred to in Article 1, paragraph 1 of Ministerial Decree 6/10/2009 and for the exercise of professional activity. This Officer is able to carry out preliminary checks, controls at the time of public access and controls within the premises.
Admission requirements:
- age not less than 18 years;
- lower secondary school diploma.
For those who have obtained a degree abroad must submit a declaration of value certifying the level of education. For foreigners it is also essential to have a good knowledge of the oral and written Italian language, which allows them to participate actively in the training. This knowledge must be verified through an entry test.

- Technical area: work safety regulations D.lgs 81/2008 and subsequent amendments and integrations.
- Fire prevention and protection; notions of first aid. Behaviours suitable for ensuring the protection of one's own health and that of others.
- Legal area: legislation on law and order and public safety; local police and police forces, criminal regulations and the responsibility of the person in charge of the control service.
- Psychological-social area: communication techniques; new forms of entertainment, concentration and self-control, techniques of interposition, containment, self-defence.

The course lasts 90 hours.
The cost includes:
attendance, files of all subjects, final exam and insurance.

Compulsory training for pool managers

Teaching subjects:
Legal and regulatory framework for swimming pools and related facilities for their management and operation. Regulations regarding civil and criminal liability, safety and accident prevention in the workplace, with particular reference to swimming pools. Regulations on architectural barriers. Health protection. Characteristics of the water supply. Terminology and technical specifications of water treatment plants. Requirements for technological systems for water treatment.
Definition and management of the risk (physical, chemical and microbiological) inherent in swimming facilities.
Management of technological systems and knowledge of chemical products and their handling, for the maintenance of hygienic and sanitary requirements of swimming pools.
Systems for cleaning, disinfecting and reclaiming swimming pools. Knowledge of thermal and ventilation systems.
Principle and meaning of self-control. Risk assessment document. Management and self-control protocols. Pool regulations.
38 hours.
The course includes:
files of all subjects, final exam, insurance.

Compulsory training for the conduction of steam generators

This course provides the technical and practical knowledge necessary for a proper management of steam generators and the achievement of a certificate useful to use them.
Contents of the route:
- Module I: principles of mechanics and thermology. Steam production and transmission. Principles of electrical engineering. Principles of chemistry.
- Module II: Pollution Control Regulations Technical Circulars
- Module III: The combustion process and its appliances.
- Module IV: constituent principles of steam generators. Safety accessories
- Module V: safe operation and maintenance of steam generators.
150 hours.
The course includes:
files of all subjects, final examination, insurance.

Compulsory training for professional users of plant protection products

As of 26 November 2015, it is compulsory to have a certificate of approval for the use of plant protection products in agriculture, both for non-professional and professional use.
20 hours
User refresher courses:
Certificates of competency are valid for 5 years and upon expiration must be renewed, at the request of the holder.

12 hours
The course includes:
files of all subjects, the final exam, the insurance.

Compulsory training for agents and sales representatives

Teaching subjects:
Labour law, commercial law, fiscal discipline, social security contract, organization and sales techniques, business plan and financial instruments.
80 hours.
The course includes:
files of all subjects, final exam, insurance.
This is a training course whose characteristics are specifically regulated at national/regional level, which prepares for the exercise of a specific work activity.