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We offer high quality training courses that can direct you towards important job opportunities.

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Prisma Formazione provides high quality training courses in Rosignano Marittimo.
We put students on the right track from their first step, ensuring them achieve their aspirations and potential quickly.


We put the utmost effort into everything we do, in order to guarantee our students a welcoming environment, information on courses, lessons, classrooms equipped with highly professional tools, companies’ internships and the collaboration with highly qualified teachers.


We always pay a lot of attention and care in listening to students, trying to accommodate all their problems, questions, criticalities.
We welcome students of all ages, because we believe in training as a mean of work-life integration for young people but also as a tool for relocating into adulthood.

The training moment

We structure the formative moment not only as a passage of notions, but as a moment in which students can experience themselves within a group, relating with other people, with a view to a future entry into the work-life.


Our lessons are the result of our teachers’ research, in order to provide up to date information and knowledge.

Our headquarters


Via Dell'Industria, 11

57016 - Rosignano Marittimo (LI)

Corso Italia, 127

57025 - Piombino (LI)

Piazza 11 Maggio, 8

57122 - Livorno (LI)

We provide the best services

We pride ourselves on working with only experienced and highly qualified tutors, in order to deliver the very best student experience possible.
We share our experience with every student, helping him/her get the most from every single course we provide.

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